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ONWARD&UPWARD - Art in the Garden of Life was on view from 2 October until 15 December 2020.

You can still take a virtual walk through the exhibition!

Video by Thijs Wolzak

Stay tuned on our Live Artist Talks, every Wednesday at 5pm. 



The exhibition ONWARD&UPWARD - Art in the Garden of Life draws inspiration from our uncertain present, where a COVID-19 pandemic, and its varied implications, continue to unfold worldwide. However, looking beyond the particular anxieties of our current crises, the exhibition questions whether there has ever been a time of genuine security and stability? 

ONWARD&UPWARD reflects on the many uncertainties and pitfalls of life itself, and on our enduring will to continue in the face of these challenges; a resilience that carries us 'onward' and 'upward' using every means at our disposal.