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charlotta östlund


Charlotta Östlund (1973, Sweden, based in Finland)

Weight, 2017. Petals, stone, plant parts, 18×15×12 cm.

Growing up to Yourself, 2017. Petals, concrete, plant parts, 70×8×8 cm.


Artist Charlotta Östlund lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She studied Ceramics at the Konstfack University in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work often captures a tension between fragility and durability: flower petals combine with stones, overblown leaves with pearls, moss with bronze – all of which have different life spans. Due to her use of natural materials, Charlotta’s works are rarely constant, but instead undergo small changes through time.


Charlotta’s sculptures make us aware of the ephemerality of nature but simultaneously show its power. By drying the flowers, they become her raw material, which she bends into delicate sculptures. She hopes her works might cultivate multiple associations and link different fragments of our thoughts and surroundings, and by extension, tell us something about life itself. As the flower eternalises, beauty is preserved.


www.charlottaostlund.com | instagram.com/charlottaostlund