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Desirée Dolron


Desirée Dolron (1963, The Netherlands)

Uncertain, TX, 2016.
HD 1920x1080 video loop, sound, 00:03:57 mins. (loop).


Photographer and filmmaker Desirée Dolron lives and works in Amsterdam. Her oeuvre ranges from documentary photography and still lifes to portraiture and film. Throughout her career, Desirée has investigated themes such as the passing of time, the relation between the finite and the transcendent, and the complexity and ephemerality of the human condition. Desirée was awarded the Laureate Prix de Rome in 1996, and in 2019 was named Artist of the Year by the American friends of the Museums in Israel, New York. Her work is found in numerous public and private collections internationally.


In Uncertain, TX the viewer’s eye slowly moves across an impressive morass of secular cypress trees, engulfed in Spanish moss, and immersed in water. Although dreamlike and serene, it gradually becomes clear that this landscape is not as beautiful as it seems. On the water’s surface, a foreign weed is rampant, disturbing the local ecosystem. The succession of images in loop and the film’s suffocating audio accentuate the impression of the forest’s continuous deterioration.


The title of the work is taken from the name of the town in Texas where Desirée stayed during the production. It also refers to the future of the trees and, in a broader sense, to the uncertainty of life in general.

I will show you fear in a handful of dust II, 2016.
HD 1920×1080 video loop, sound, 00:09:49 mins. (loop).


Desirée Dolron’s work I will show you fear in a handful of dust II is a close up display of countless dust particles, which move against a dark background in extreme tranquillity. The dust grains reflect light and shine with different nuances – their movement is detected by high sensory machinery, which is also able to record their sound in a remote undertone. The motion of the particles is looped, mimicking their continuous form. Layered with connotations of beginning and end, the film reflects upon human existence, our roots, the passing of time and the intrinsic transience of nature. Like a form of meditation, the artwork invites the viewer to pause and exhale.

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