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Dora lionstone


Dora Lionstone (1986, Germany, based in The Netherlands)

Catching the Moon, 2020. Photography, 150×100 cm.

Flower Tower, 2020. Photography, 150×100 cm.
From the series Cosmic Stream.


Dora Lionstone studied photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Before moving to The Netherlands, she was a software engineer in Munich with a Master’s Degree in Media Informatics. With her work, Dora creates alternative realities that combine different points of view, merging fact and fiction, science and imagination.


Dora believes in the power of daydreaming: letting go of fixed ideas and imagining what else could be. During lockdown she found solace in daydreaming, which in turn helped her continue working. In her mind, “we should all make space for daydreaming”.


Dora’s series Cosmic Stream was presented as her graduation project at the Rietveld Academy in August 2020. The project is an exploration of the inner world of the mind in relation to the mysteries of the universe. The images came into being while looking at the sky and the clouds, wondering what else could be seen and how images can be changed into something you want to see. Flower Tower started as a tiny clay sculpture. Through photographing and experimenting, the image changed, transforming into a blossoming flower. The result is an alternative cosmos that shifts and blends multiple perspectives.


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