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Emma prempeh

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Emma Prempeh (1996, United Kingdom)

Ardour, 2019.
Oil, acrylic, fabric, and imitation gold leaf on canvas with projection, 227×177 cm.


Emma Prempeh is an artist from London, who works mainly with painting and video. She studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London, graduating in 2019 and winning the Alumno/SPACE Studio Bursary award for 2020. She started her MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in September 2020.


Ardour captures an intimate, everyday setting, where two people hunker down together blissfully in a room. The painting appears to capture a moment frozen in time, but on closer inspection, time seems to be advancing. Emma made this work at a time when she was dealing with the loss of a loved one. It helped her come back to life and cope with a deep sense of loneliness.


emmaprempeh.com | instagram.com/reclus__e