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George stamenov


George Stamenov (1988, Bulgaria, based in the United Kingdom)

Junak, 2018. Moving image, 00:08:17 mins.


George Stamenov is a London-based artist and director born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He studied animation at the Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, and at the Royal College of Art in London.


In Junak, George presents a combination of restless, foggy scenes derived from his own dreams and memories. Although the work is personal, it simultaneously speaks to a collective reminiscence. Different fragments come to the surface, intertwined incoherently with others. What the artist describes as ‘a non-narrative narrative’ is a reflection of the blurred line between dream and memory: memories come and fade away, as do dreams. ЮНАК – or Junak – is a word often used in Bulgarian folklore to describe a brave and fearless youth. In the work, George opens a window into his remembered past, capturing the transience of memories in a bid to eternalise them.


georgestamenov.com | instagram.com/stamenov.s.g