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Hugo Rocci

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Hugo Rocci (1989, France, based in The Netherlands)

Balcony Scenes, 2016. Painted animations, 00:01:00 mins.


Born in France, Hugo Rocci is an Amsterdam-based visual artist. He studied Graphic Design in Marseille and at Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Hugo works from his studio in Amsterdam Noord, where he runs Terry Bleu: a screen printing and publishing initiative.


Hugo draws inspiration from everyday life, depicting scenes that we can all relate to. In Balcony Scenes, four different daily scenes play out on balconies in Hugo’s surroundings. During lockdown, Hugo’s Balcony Scenes accrued a new significance. City residents began to use these precious spaces for their daily dose of fresh air, as well as to communicate with one another. Hundreds of viral videos have shown people in confinement singing or applauding health care workers together. Whilst we may not always see them, the voices reveal that someone is out there, and that we’re not alone.


www.rocci-hugo.com | instagram.com/terry.bleu