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Margaret lansink


Margaret Lansink (1961, The Netherlands)

Meander, 2019. Collage, 30,5×34 cm.

YinYang #2, 2020. Collage, 46×46 cm.

Believe, 2019. Collage 30,5×34 cm.

Analogue photography collages printed and mounted on Kizuki handmade washi paper, mended with 23kt. gold leaf. From the series Borders of Nothingness–On the Mend.


Margaret Lansink studied at the PhotoAcademy in Amsterdam, LeMasterklass Paris and at Smedsby Atelier in Paris. Her photographic work is purely intuitive. She invites viewers to embark on a journey through their own memories, emotions, expectations, fears and desires. Margaret is experimenting more and more with her photography; with paint, gold leaf, charcoal, as well as with chemicals in the darkroom.


The series Borders of Nothingness–On the Mend, started during a 2019 residency in Japan, when Margaret dwelled on a difficult separation with her adult daughter, and the potent feeling of missing her. She photographed landscapes and nude women, who seem to disappear fleetingly in the moment. Over time, Margaret and her daughter reconnected, which led her to reinterpret the series as a reflection on their healing bond. Working with  Kintsugi, the Japanese practice of repairing ceramics with gold leaf, Margaret combines her images, severs them, and ultimately mends their breaks, restoring hope that a bond might be stronger and more beautiful because it had once been broken.


Courtesy Galerie Caroline O’Breen.


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