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Margriet van breevoort

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Margriet van Breevoort (1990, The Netherlands)

Homo Refugus, 2018.
Silicon, epoxy, glass, hair, 50×75×55cm.

Bob, 2017.

Silicon, pure resin, glass, 40×30×30cm.

#8015, 2015.
Pure resin, lass, polyester, acrylic paint, hair, leather, 130×70×60cm.


Amsterdam-based artist Margriet van Breevoort graduated in 2013 from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht (HKU). In 2016, she received funds for Young Talent by the Mondriaanfonds, and in the same year was awarded a prize during the yearly sculpture exhibition Beelden in Leiden.


Margriet creates playful characters with hyper-realistic sculpture techniques, propelling the viewer into a surreal world. Her sculptures point to a range of contradictions: between humans, nature and technology, desire and repulsion, or vulnerability and dominance.


At first glance, the perfectly detailed creatures look real, but deeply unsettling. Margriet believes humankind has arrived at a point where we can create our entire surroundings and future ourselves. With a few recognisable human characteristics, the creatures she creates are disarming, perhaps even threatening for some, but ultimately, innocent.


Courtesy NL=US Art Gallery Rotterdam.


www.margrietvanbreevoort.com | instagram.com/margrietvanbreevoort