Mike Pelletier

Mike Pelletier (1978, Canada, based in The Netherlands)

Nature Morte, 2017.

Animation, 00:04:07 mins.

Sound by Dyllan Galletly.


Mike Pelletier is an Amsterdam-based, Canadian-born visual artist. He studied at Rotterdam’s Piet Zwart Institute. He works primarily with 3D-animation and kinetic installation, using technology to represent human bodies and everyday objects, and to create bridges between the digital and the physical space.


In Nature Morte, Mike presents a series of animated foods from the grocery store. Avocados, melons, loaves of bread and pumpkins are brought to life in an odd choreography. The somewhat desolate mise-en-scène foregrounds a pervasive sense of alienation. We shy away from the ‘deformed’ shapes, but at the same time we are lured into them, as if hypnotized by their unpredictable life cycle. The work, in which decay is already foreseen, is an interpretation of the classical still life.


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