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Sophie ruigrok

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Sophie Ruigrok (1992, United Kingdom)

Foot soak with fish, 2019. Soft pastels on paper, 19×20 cm.

In the garden, 2019. Soft pastels and ink on paper, 38×40 cm.

Fat fingers and a snail, 2019. Soft pastels and ink on paper, 19×28 cm.


Sophie Ruigrok is an artist and writer based in London. She studied Modern Languages at University College London and Drawing at the Royal Drawing School in London. She writes art criticism for publications including frieze, Apollo and Elephant. Sophie works across various media, but currently finds herself most drawn to painting and drawing.


Sophie’s drawings deal with human relationships with the natural world. A toe is a vivid landscape for a little creature to explore. The surreal perspective of the human form in her images transforms the body into a backdrop. We are continuously measuring the size of the world against ourselves, which is perhaps a logical way to navigate our environments. but what if it’s not the human that is the protagonist for once? What if a bee or a snail takes centre stage?


www.sophieruigrok.com | instagram.com/sophie.ruigrok